Home Inspection Tips - How to Spot Water Damage

Home Inspection Tips: Things to Check for When Buying a New Home Having your offer accepted on a dream home might be a reason for celebration. However, you aren’t done yet. It would be a good decision to have the home inspected since there could be numerous challenges hiding. It is more than peeling paint that will be apparent to see and quick to fix; but about issues like mold and water damages that could affect the property’s livability. Since home inspection can be demanding, here are things to check for when purchasing your new home. Why Home Inspection? Typically, an expert inspects the home and provides a comprehensive report on the house. The process aims to reveal any problem areas before purchasing the home. It offers both the seller and buyer an opportunity to negotiate, make any fixes, or even walk away if necessary. In other words, it protects you and your hard-earned money from surprises. How to Identify Prior Water Damage Before Buying a Home Water damage is m

Signs of Water Damage in Walls

  Need Water Damage Repair? 👀 Here's How You Tell: Florida has a rather uncharacteristic flat terrain that makes it hard for rainwater to drain away from homes. Other routes for water damage in homes in the Sunshine State include broken pipes, sewage backups, and a leaking roof. Knowing the signs of water damage in walls can help you mount speedy restorative measures before the worst (in property damage) occurs. The Risks of Water Damage in Walls Lowered home value : Water damage is impossible to paint over. Your home will fetch less money than it would if you had fixed the leaks. Damaged pipes : Water damage in walls can, over the long term, destroy your pipes and lead to even more severe water damage. Holes in concrete : Water damage can destroy concrete in the foundation and walls, and floors if left unattended. Danger to electrical systems : Water and electricity are sworn enemies. If water damage is not fixed, there can be a high risk of shorts and even electrical f